ADHD Medication and anxiety

ADHD creates hyperactivity and impulsiveness in a person that is often seen in anxiety. Anxiety creates uncontrollable actions that are sometimes uncontrollable and followed by difficulty in breathing.
ADHD medications and anxiety medicines are interrelated. They both help the patient to calm down their actions and mind.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a prevalent neurodevelopmental condition that affects around 4% of the global population. A neurodevelopmental disorder is a category of disorders that begin during the developing period and often appear early in life, affecting brain development and causing functional deficits.

Which Medications Can Help With ADHD?


Stimulants are considered the first-line treatment for ADHD and are frequently the most successful; as a result, they are the most commonly used form of medicine to alleviate ADHD symptoms while they are in the body.

The neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine regulate attention and executive function. These molecules are often reduced in persons with ADHD, therefore stimulants increase their availability in the brain. ADHD symptoms decrease when the activity and communication of the brain regions that rely on these substances increase.


ADHD can also be treated with non-stimulant drugs. This approach may be advised for people who don’t experience enough improvement on stimulants, have extreme unfavorable side effects from stimulants, and/or if the healthcare professional wishes to couple a non-stimulant with a stimulant to boost pharmaceutical efficacy.

  • Qelbree (Viloxazine)
  • Kapvay (clonidine)
  • Intuniv (Guanfacine)
  • Strattera (atomoxetine)

Does ADHD Medication Cause Anxiety?

ADHD and anxiety frequently coexist, and they can increase the effects of one another. For example, around 25% of persons with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are also diagnosed with ADHD.

Additionally, stimulant-based ADHD drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin might exacerbate anxiety symptoms. However, these anxious feelings may decrease after a while.

Some symptoms, such as fidgeting and difficulty concentrating, are common to both ADHD and anxiety.

Can You Take ADHD Medication Along With Anxiety Medication?

As previously stated, people with ADHD are more prone to suffer from anxiety disorders than people who do not have the illness. In circumstances like these, it is critical to address both problems. Anxiety disorders are managed with psychotherapy and a variety of drugs.

It is frequently possible to use drugs for anxiety problems in conjunction with those for ADHD. However, this must be done under strict observation by a medical practitioner. However, it is important to remember that a combination of medication and treatment has been shown to be the most useful for those with ADHD and anxiety problems.

How to Deal with ADHD and Anxiety?

Create a timetable with breaks and make it visible.

Creating a planned routine might help you stay on track and engaged with your responsibilities. However, remember to schedule some pauses so you don’t overwork yourself. Writing in your planner, displaying a calendar on your wall, or using digital calendars are all effective reminders to take regular breaks.

Incorporate exercise and movement into your regimen.

Exercise has been shown in studies to immediately improve ADHD symptoms and cognitive abilities. It does not have to be something strenuous either. Make activity a part of your daily routine, especially if you work from home. Walking meetings are also excellent!

Maintain healthy behaviors and set reasonable expectations.

Everyone in today’s world has experienced feelings of overwhelm at some point. As a result, it is critical to provide yourself and your body with the finest possible internal environment in which to handle daily obstacles. Exercise, sleep, and eating nutritious foods, as well as reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption, are helpful ways to manage ADHD and anxiety.

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