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If compared to the old times, we can see the rapid development taking place worldwide in all domains including medical. Online pharmacy has made it easier for people to do online shopping instead of going to the market. It has definitely reduced labor and time in many ways by saving us from going on numerous trips to medical stores.

On the other hand, the plethora of choices in online market has given choices to people to buy desired items without physically going to the market. The option of buying shoes and other accessories is easier than buying medicine directly as it is risky.

The presence of numerous fraudulent online medical stores is confusing you in the name of reliable medicine. They are selling fake and unsafe medication in the market.

These online sites build strategies in a way that one easily gets trapped in their online process. They hide all the glitches and conduct unfair trade practices, knowing that it is not good for consumers. You must consider some signs before you set out to buy genuine Medicines online.

When you buy medicine online from Onlinepharmas, you should be carefree in terms of quality, efficiency, and trust as our medicines are suggested by the majority of doctors. Our medicines are meticulously tested during clinical trials to cater to the health needs of individuals.

How To Identify A Fake Pharmacy: Things to consider before buying

Apart from appealing physical features, you should be aware of essential pointers to understand whether the product is fake or genuine.

Onlinepharmas is one of the trusted and leading online pharmaceutical companies that provides healthcare services across the world, ensuring the well-being of individuals, and is strictly against the fake policies. Our facilities include:

  • We provide prescribed medication at economical prices without compromising on the quality whereas fake pharmacies don’t. They sell medicines at extremely low prices.
  • We are a licensed pharmacy but fake pharmacy doesn’t possess any license.
  • Fake pharmacy has limited options for payment but onlinepharmas provides you with the safe and secure transaction facility, offering different payment modes online.
  • Fake pharmacies have limited numbers of contacts to reach out to in need. We ensure that every patient feels comfortable with our services even if it is about asking for queries. You can contact us anytime.
  • Our medicines are FDA approved whereas fake pharmacies are not.
  • We provide live chat support and fake pharmacies don’t provide such facilities.
  • You can easily connect with customers nearby with the option of local warehouse but in case of fake pharmacies, such facilities can never be found.
  • As a genuine website, we take care of the finances of the customers along with good optimal medical facilities and can even provide them refund if nothing works. Fake pharmacies will never consider refund option.
  • We make sure to keep the information of customers confidential which is often a matter of concern if bought medicines from fake pharmacies.
  • You can check all the sales and our types to understand our business graph.
  • We carefully check the consumer reviews, providing it enough time.
  • Go with trusted and certified sites like us based on the information provided, we meet all these criteria.
  • Brand name is a must for the identity of any company. You should check it before buying any medicine.

Things to detect while buying Medicine online:

You must ensure that you are buying genuine medicines. You should keep in mind the following things –

  • Checking the packaging of the product and ensuring the site is reliable and offering genuine products
  • Brand logo should be there for the authenticity of the site
  • Comparing the size of the product with genuine medications being sold in the market.
  • Checking the color of the pill as you might get confused with a slight difference in color.
  • Spelling errors are common in the product’s name and is a sign of fraudulence. So, be careful and check that name is written properly.


The brand name of a medicine is the underlying thing you should pay attention to when you think of buying medicine. As a recognized brand name, we never compromise with the quality of medicines, making it convenient for users to make the most of our facilities. You can check all the visual prerequisites of Onlinepharmas provided on the website. And still, if you are not satisfied, compare our information to other reputed websites.

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