Delivery information

Delivery Information includes the customer’s name, shipping address, contact details, customer’s email ID, and Delivery Time and Date for the placed order. Delivery information includes order price, quantity, and the date & time when the order was placed.

Tracking Information

After the payment is made tracking information will be shared in 36 to 48 Hours. Delivery time will be 4-6 Days depending upon the address provided.

USA Domestic Orders

“Shipping label created”

This is when your item has been dropped off at the postal centre and not
been scanned before it has been forwarded to your local USPS facility.

This can happen for a number of reasons based on which State you had your product delivered from.

We dispatch all orders in the given time frames, so even your tracking number is not working, don’t worry, your order is on its way to you.

To track your order we suggest

Order processing and delivery time

Payment to be done by the customer once the order is placed. You will be notified via mail or text once payment is received. Upon the confirmation of the order, tracking information will be shared within 24-48 hours. The delivery of the order will be within 3-5 working days and may vary depending on the postal services of the area.

Packaging of Orders

Order Packaging refers to the different methods used to package different orders. For fragile products or the product vulnerable to spill, we use different precautions to resist any damage to the placed order. We ensure the product reaches our customers the same way they expect to maintain its quality.

Undelivered Orders

An order is said to Undelivered when the recipient refuses to accept it, Package is damaged during the transit,Delivery address is incorrect,or nobody is available to receive the order at the specified delivery address even after multiple attempts.The order will be returned to us.

Contact us

In an exceptional case, such as order delays, help regarding order cancellation, or non-refund of order fee, you are advised to contact our customer support service center via the given methods of communication.

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