Why PayPal payment method is preferred over other payment mode?

We ceaselessly strive to provide convenience to our esteemed customers with improved services. These high-quality medications are available in the market only when you have the prescription with you. You cannot directly purchase the medication from any pharmacy, hospital, or from the doctor directly. We help our customers navigate through the process of payment easily, keeping precautions at the forefront.

Customers’ satisfaction is what constantly work for and contribute to making their experience better with our bespoke services. To give them hassle-free online transactions, PayPal is an apt method wherein the submission of sale details is not required. All you can do is link a card to your account to make it your preferred payment option. Using bank transfer or other modes of payment require a sale detail which is not the case in PayPal method and doesn’t affect your recurring payments, subscriptions, or billing agreements.

Is it safe to buy medicine online?

Our medicines are made of high-quality ingredients and you can order them from our online pharmacy anytime 24*7. All our medications meet strict quality standards at the time of production.

When will I recieve my tracking number and what will be delivery time?

Once the payment is done the order will be processed immidiately and you will be updated. Tracking number will be shared within 24-48 hours.

Delivery will be done in 4-5 working days through USPS. Our sales executive will be in regular touch untill it reaches you.

I did not receive a confirmation email

On rare occasions, when receiving automated emails, such as an order confirmation from, certain email servers may bounce (reject) or send emails to spam. This is more prevalent with gmail, hotmail, and yahoo email accounts. To avoid this, please add to your email provider’s whitelist. This article details how to whitelist an email address with each of the major email providers: How to whitelist an email address
This takes only a moment and ensures that you receive your order confirmations and tracking numbers.

Along with confirmations and tracking numbers, your OnlinePharmas account contains information about your orders, their status, and tracking numbers.

Do all your pills are approved and safe?

The medicines that onlinepharmas provides are safe and easy to use. They are meticulously tested during clinical trials to ensure good results. They are approved only after successful check-up by drugs administration department during development process.

How can I purchase a medication?

You can place your order on the website by selecting the required medication and the quantity. You can also place your order via email or chat prsent on our website.

Once the order is placed confirmation email will be forwarded on your email id.

Soon a Paypal payment link will be shared on your email id you can pay through the link.

As soon as we recieve the payment your order will be processed and the tracking number will be shared in 48-36 hours.

Our sales executive will be in regular touch with you untill the package reaches you address.

What Is The Correct Dosage For Insomnia Medication?

The minimum and maximum dose depend on the medical condition you are in. Ensure that you get yourself checked by the doctor to know the amount of dose your body needs. You can start off with a small dose only when your doctor permits you.

What happens when I use Tramadol along with other drugs?

There are medications that might or might not work with other drugs. The medicine works differently on every individual, it is suggested to seek healthcare advice to ensure if tramadol can be used combined with other medication.

Why is cost very less?

Our mission is to deliver results at the minimum price that a patient could afford. We are here to provide top-notch health facilities for a healthy nation. Onlinepharmas contributes to facilitating the health needs of people and drops the idea of generating revenue unlike others.

What services does Online Pharmas offer?

We help you look after your health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones.  Online Pharmas makes a range of prescription medicines and other health products available to your doorsteps. We also offer generic alternatives to most medicines to help you save more with the same effects and benefits.

What happens after I place an order?

Once you confirm your order, it gets placed, and an order ID is generated for later references. You can track, cancel, or reorder a particular product with the help of this order /reference ID in the future. This ID is also helpful in our identifying customers.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order by using your Order ID/Reference after placing your order. Order tracking allows you to monitor all of your online orders and shipments and communicate the order status to your seller at any point in time. You can also cancel your order anytime.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time after placing it. You can cancel if you don’t wish to buy a particular product or if its delivery is delayed due to violating the given timeframe. You reserve the right to cancel your order anytime if you fit eligible.

Do I need a prescription?

A prescription is not required when ordering online. Our website allows users to access safe and effective medications from the comfort of their home and without the hassle of making a doctor’s appointment and taking time off work.

Are you tired of buying medicines from fake online pharmacies?

You might be wondering about the fake online pharmacies every time you visit any website but Onlinepharmas takes all possible measures to satisfy its clients with high quality medicines and uninterrupted services. We can proudly say that it is a place worth remembering for its unwavering efforts taken for the contentment of customers.

Note: We try our level best to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. However, in a rare case due to transit or packaging issues, if you receive your product a little late or find a wrong product, we guarantee to provide you full-refund provided you will have to mail us the receipt of received order. Upon the acceptance of the returned order, payment will take around 15-20 working days to be credited to your account.

Is my data protected on your site?

We follow a strict policy guideline according to which our customers’ privacy is much respected. Your data is kept safe and secure and will be used only to send promotional information or new updates in our policies.

How long will it take to receive my medication?

The usual delivery time is 3–4 days, and 1–2 days is short enough when you need a shorter delivery time for your medicines. We also have special delivery arrangements in case you are in need of such urgently.

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