fake pharmacy in usa

For people regularly buying medicines online do not seem to be worried about the authenticity of medicines they are using. It is imperative for them to gather significant knowledge about the quality of medicines from online pharmacies before use. Not all pharmacies that sell medicines at cheap prices are safe or licensed. In the name of affordability, you might risk your health in the long run and suffer miserable consequences on the health front.

The online pharmacy you buy the medicine from should have a proven track record with valid prescriptions of all medicines. Buying medicine online may seem safe, convenient, time-saving, and cheap but you could be compromising your health with low prices and lucrative discounts that such sites offer.

Amid the dissemination of fake online pharmacies also exist reliable and licensed online pharmacies, but one needs to be discerning enough to decide that he/she is buying from legitimate online pharmacies. Unfortunately, the number of illegitimate online pharmacies is more as compared to that of genuine pharmacies.

Buying medicine from cheap price online pharmacies can be risky

Search engines are loaded with millions of pharmacy websites and very few of them are promising when it comes to catering to the needs of the health. The majority of websites are redundant and not good online pharmacies to buy medicines from. The glittering websites might attract you for a while but cannot be trusted when dealing with health. It is important to check the in-depth details of the online pharmacies that may seem to be trustworthy as all that glitters is not gold. A good company determines the best format of policies and adhere to the laws since inception. Also, a reputed online pharmacy keeps the quality of the product ahead of everything no matter what.

Signs of illegitimate online pharmacy 

Ensure that you are associated as a buyer with a legitimate online pharmacy. You have encountered the fraudulent and cheap price online pharmacy if it:

  • Does not offer a valid prescription for any medicine
  • Sells medicines at discounted or at very cheap prices
  • Ships medicines worldwide easily
  • Does not mention the complete business address
  • Claims that medicines act as a miracle cure for any sort of medical condition.

Such online pharmacies emphasizing low prices for medicines claim to be selling genuine medicines, using fillers, additives, and chemicals in the formulation of medicines. The patient does not need to be well informed to figure out the loopholes of the business of such pharmacies – a debilitating or deteriorating health condition of a patient is evident to reflect about the fake online pharmacy. These pharmacies claim that their products are reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but they are not.

Did you know

  • Fraudulent online pharmacies or cheap price pharmacies may not store or transport medicines properly.
  • The medicines are taken orally or through injections that call for proper refrigeration and fraudulent online pharmacies do not pay attention to such aspects.

Signs of legitimate online pharmacy 

  • The pharmacy should have a valid prescription for all medicines from a physician or licensed health practitioners
  • Licensed by a  pharmacy regulatory authority in USA
  • Complete details about the address located in USA

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