COVID-19 delivery service in USA

At times when we are fighting against a global outbreak, it is natural to get worried and panic about you and your loved one’s health and well-being.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread to individuals across the country, we have been recommended to stay at home and follow social distancing norms. We appreciate that you are staying safe at home and would be honoured to serve you in such an unprecedented time!

It is perfectly understandable that during such time, we do not understand what the future holds and we try to stock up all the health supplies and medicines. But we wish to urge you that you don’t need to panic at all. That being said, we are delivering medication safely during the COVID-19 pandemic with all the necessary precautions. We ensure to deliver all your essential medicines on time.

Online pharma’s will continue to deliver

Due to the high demand, Online Pharma’s healthcare products order flow right now is at an all-time high. The demand for various types of healthcare supplements and medicine has gone through the roof. And we know the gravity of the scenario.

That is why at Online pharma’s healthcare products, we are working around the clock with all hands on deck. We process your orders as quickly as possible. We value our customers and every customer wellbeing is important to us. Every single order is high-priority at online pharma’s healthcare so don’t worry at all. Be assured that the safety of our delivery partners is being taken care of!

How are we ensuring your safety?

We are dedicated and committed to cater to your medicines and necessary healthcare products at home in such difficult times. However, your safety is our utmost priority. So, for better protection, we have introduced a contactless delivery service.

Contactless delivery aids our delivery executive and you, both to stay protected by zero contact or minimizing contact.

How it works –

  • Our delivery executive will give a call to you at the time of delivery to confirm if you want to opt for contactless delivery
  • The delivery executive will leave your package outside the door of your house on a clean surface.
  • You will receive an image of the delivered package and you can pick it up at your convenience

We want to ensure that we are there for you whenever you need us the most. So, we are doing everything possible to make sure that your orders reach you safely at your doorstep on time.

We will make sure to get back to you in the event of any delay. You don’t need to worry at all because necessary measures are taken care and our delivery executive follow all the safety norms to ensure that you are safe at your home.

Stay safe and be at home

Remember to stay safe at your home and let the lockdown be a success so that we can get back to normal life by defeating COVID-19. You must ensure not to go out if it is not urgent. You must stay safe by following social distancing norms. You can always count on online Pharmas healthcare products to serve you happily.

You can now assess your loved ones and yourself for COVID-19 risk at home with Online Pharma’s healthcare products.

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